Agbar: RioPlus Business Sustainability Statement

Aqualogy focuses its business activities on sustainable water cycles and the environment, constantly striving to minimise negative impacts and to make an increasingly positive economic, environmental and social contribution.

Aqualogy is a responsible organisation. Its commitment is demonstrated on a daily basis in the actions it takes to protect the environment, its support for the latest clean technologies, its R&D&I investments and involvement in the communities where it operates and, finally, in the way it communicates with stakeholders.

Aqualogy’s aim is to fulfil the expectations of millions of citizens throughout the world, every single day.

Aqualogy -being part of Agbar- has fully endorsed corporate responsibility as one of the company’s most valuable concepts, with its operating model based on generating value for stakeholders, thereby guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of the company.

Aqualogy’s corporate responsibility has a clear objective, to represent the vision of the company.

It aims to become a benchmark in the water industry and wants all parties with which it works to consider it as a partner, a supplier and a company capable of adding value to all activities connected to the water sector.

Agbar’s Corporate Responsibility Report is one of the best transversal tools for communicating with stakeholders.

The aim of this report is to provide a true image of how corporate responsibility has become a fundamental part of Agbar and Aqualogy’s management model and maintain communicative transparency with its stakeholders.

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