Buenos Aires: RioPlus Business Sustainability Statement

Buenos Aires: Putting sustainable development at the heart of policymaking

The Government of the Province of Buenos Aires has developed a sub-national government-level strategy in public policies about sustainable development, based on an inter-jurisdictional, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary approach.

The Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS), enforcing authority in environmental issues at the provincial level, develops different actions based on that strategy with a multidimensional and horizontal approach regarding all other ministerial jurisdictions in the territory.

Thus, economic, social and environmental dimensions underlie the design of every measure and initiative implemented, allowing the necessary synergy between the programs carried out by the OPDS and other jurisdictions of the provincial public sector. Among others, the Ministry of Infrastructure (Program of Renewable Energies), Ministry of Production, Science and Technology (Environmental Education), Ministry of Agricultural Affairs and the Ministry of Social Development.

Besides, the OPDS belongs to the Provincial Committee of Emergencies, coordinating actions among the provincial ministries regarding Climate Change, and participates at national level in the Federal Council for the Environment (COFEMA, as per acronym in Spanish).

Outside this local framework, the province constantly takes part as an active participant in regional government networks and international institutions and events, such as the various UN Conferences of the Parties (COP), and the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD), leading the process at national level with initiatives as the Carbon Footprints estimations of provincial exportations and the integration to a Platform of National Technological Liaisons on Environmental Issues.

In this context, from the point of view of a sub-national government, the Province of Buenos Aires contributes to the strengthening of a national strategy on sustainable development and to create awareness to all the potentiality in the coordinated actions of local and regional governments, based on the active interchange of experiences and capacities between the different institutions and decision makers.

The Province of Buenos Aires works to achieve the following outcomes:

- Strengthening participation and cooperation among sub-national governments, and with national governments, as empowering mechanism to design actions and make decisions.

- Contributing (as a sub-national government) to integrate local sustainable development mechanisms into national and international strategies, based on the interchange of experiences.

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