CEMIG: RioPlus Business Sustainability Statement

Cemig is one of the largest and most important power utilities in Brazil. It manages a portfolio of assets in segments such as power generation, transmission and distribution, in addition to the distribution of natural gas and data transmission.

Cemig is always and continuously searching for improvements in its corporate sustainability performance in a manner that is integrated with its strategy, both of which are established and stated in its mission and vision statements. The Company’s businesses are run based on the due analysis of all socioeconomic and environmental impacts, also considering the risks and opportunities brought about by climate changes.

This performance is reflected in Cemig’s inclusion in several sustainability ratings and indices, and its being the only company in the Latin American electric energy sector to have been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (DJSI World) since the creation of the index.

Boasting a predominantly renewable energy matrix, as renewable sources correspond to 99% of the entire electric energy generated by the company’s generation system, Cemig invests in the diversification and the quality of its services, expanding its businesses and focusing on a low-carbon economy.

Cemig also carries out several programs featuring a broad socioeconomic scope, such as “Light for All” which provides for the connection of electric energy service at rural properties, thus leading to improved quality of life for the families benefitting from the program. In 2011, “Light for All” benefitted 41,836 rural properties.

Within the realm of energy efficiency, Cemig’s directive is to implement projects focused on low income communities, fostering a culture of efficiency in electric energy use. The “Conviver Solar” program has already installed 3,380 solar panels for shower-water heating, which has led to a reduction in electric energy consumption of up to 40%. In rural areas, Cemig replaces the irrigation systems used by smaller family farms with more efficient equipment through the “Conviver Rural Jaíba” program.

In 2011, 424 irrigation systems were replaced, providing for savings of up to 57% in electric energy and 45% in water, in addition to improving the income and the quality of life of those using the systems. The “Metropolitan and Interior Conviver” project carried out actions, in 2011 alone, involving 132,327 families from low income communities in an effort to raise awareness regarding efficient, safe and legal ways of using electric energy.

This action saw the replacement of obsolete appliances and equipment (incandescent light bulbs, refrigerators and electric shower heads) with new and more efficient ones. Special mention should be made of the “Fields of Light” program, which installs lighting systems at amateur soccer fields located in several different municipalities in the state, allowing for cultural and sporting events to take place in the evening.

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