Concha y Toro: RioPlus Business Sustainability Statement

We at Concha y Toro see ourselves as a global and innovative company with a serious and responsible commitment to Sustainable Development.

We are a company whose origin is in our natural resources, and as a result, we too are tied to and connected with it.

Our own vineyards are exposed to this phenomenon called climate change, and therefore we believe that caring for nature and producing in accordance with the principles of sustainability is key to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

Only then can we try to ensure an even more auspicious future for future generations vineyard and wine.

We understand sustainability to be an on-going learning process.

Although we began to address the issue in 1990, with the first policies in drip irrigation, integrated vineyard management, and the construction of a liquid waste treatment plant—it was not until the creation of the Sustainable Development Area in 2008 that the winery could make major steps forward in this matter.

Initiatives such as measuring the carbon footprint since 2007, progressively reducing the weight of our bottles by up to 14%, and developing projects for better energy efficiency and responsible water and waste management, among others, has enabled Concha y Toro to make tangible its ongoing commitment to producing wine in harmony with the environment and the society around us.

All of these actions have enabled Concha y Toro to make progress in developing a series of policies that are compatible with this great future objective.

The sustainable approach has become a fundamental part of our strategic planning, and therefore, taking part in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20)—one of the most important meetings on the issue in our times—presents a historic opportunity to try, along with the rest of the global community, to define the path toward a greener future, one that is safer, with more jobs, cleaner energy, and a better level of life for everyone.

This is our contribution, our way of trying to give something back for every bottle that the land has given us.

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