Denso: RioPlus Sustainability Statement

We place top priority on meticulously implementing initiatives to protect the environment. Corporations must conceptualize how a sustainable society would operate and make concerted efforts toward environmental preservation based on a long-term vision.

To this end, DENSO aims to be a corporate group that contributes to the “creation of an advanced automotive society” through the realization of cars that are kind to people and the Earth.

As such, we must work to achieve world-class environmental efficiency and high resource productivity as we reduce the environmental impact of our operations. This applies not only to products and production but also to all aspects of our business activities. We are also promoting environmental management – an approach that creates economic value through environmental conservation activities.

In 2005, we formulated and announced DENSO EcoVision 2015 as a roadmap toward the realization of a “sustainable automotive society.” The objectives of EcoVision 2015 are based on reduction targets laid out by the Kyoto Protocol and associated groups. They also conform to the IPCC’s* goal of “beginning to reduce greenhouse gases by 2015 and halving them by 2050 compared with 2000 levels.”

Basic stance

Since product use represents the stage with the highest CO2 emissions in the automobile lifecycle, to help prevent global warming in terms of automotive parts it is important to increase fuel efficiency through lightweight designs and high combustion effi ciency.

In DENSO-related product areas, we are promoting advanced “improvements of fuel effi ciency and less power consumption” through control that links systems installed in vehicles, such as engine management systems, car air conditioners and safety equipment

Under DENSO EcoVision 2015, we have established the goals of promoting the prevention of global warming, resources recycling (reducing the use of resources) and control and reduction of environmentally hazardous substances(pollution prevention) in a targeted and ongoing manner throughout all business activities.

We have also established a series of 2010 Long-term Environmental Goals and the fourth phase of Environmental Action Plan 2010 for this purpose. Group companies share these objectives, and we are accelerating initiatives throughout the Group through an ongoing program of verification and review based on the PDCA cycle* while steadily implementing our traditional basic environmental plan.

In fiscal 2009, we formulated our Three-Year Environmental Guidelines to ensure environmental initiatives by transforming into a lean corporate structure that is resilient to changes in an ever-changing global economy.

We will: (1) pursue environmental efficiency in resources and energy; (2) develop technologies and products that anticipate environmental needs; (3) practice accurate risk management in response to changes; and (4) effectively promote environmental activities that resonate with society.

These four objectives have been reflected in Environment Action Plan 2010 as priority initiatives.

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