Ecofrotas: RioPlus Business Sustainability Statement

Ecofrotas is the first Brazilian company to offer sustainable solutions in fleet management.

Ecofrotas’ main goal is to assist customers to reduce their fuel and maintenance costs, along with their greenhouse gas emissions.

Over 18% of Ecofrotas’ revenue is invested in innovation and sustainability.  For example, Ecofrotas is launching its first carbon credit project (for the voluntary market) for the use of renewable fuel in transport around the world.

Ecofrotas customers who adhere to this carbon credit project and increase their use of ethanol over gasoline will be able to issue carbon credits generated by the reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases in this process.

Ecofrotas provides technical support to the customers both in the preparation of the response to CDP and in the creation of sustainability reports under the GRI’s Standards in all items related to the fleet.

After all, the institutional value is created by making the results of consistent actions tangible, with actions being effectively communicated to investors, customers, suppliers, partners and government through this type of report.

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