Joinville: RioPlus Sustainability Statement

Joinville is the richest city in Santa Catarina according to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which reached R$ 13.2 billion in 2011.

A reference in industrialization, Joinville has been able to maintain a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation added to quality of life.

Due to this fact, Joinville is one of the outstanding Brazilian cities regarding environmental management.

Based on the last aerophotogrammetric survey from 2009, 64.46% of our municipality has an unspoiled natural environment, including forests, highland fields and mangroves.

There is still 36% left from its mangrove system and the forest cover reaches 55% of its territory.

This positive result in a well-preserved environment has been obtained by means of the environmental awareness of the local population. A pioneering work provides information for homes located in suburbs where there is a bigger environmental vulnerability.

The program called Environmental Community Agents supplies 50 thousand local residences with information every three months. Each citizen is given information that enables him to develop responsible attitudes every day.

This management effort added to environmental education and inspection helped Joinville to increase ten percent in its selective garbage collection in only two years. Waste which used to be thrown into the municipal landfill is now reused by a net of union organized collectors.

Public recycled garbage collection sends the separated recycled material to those warehouses that belong to the unions. Therefore, Joinville is among the ten municipalities with the best system related to waste management.

Environment does not have any borders and is part of each citizen. Environment is responsible for life and the continuation of economy.

For more information visit the Joinville website.

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