Maringa: RioPlus Sustainability Statement

Being the host of the Rio Plus conference, Brazil is at the focus of all discussions.

As a continental size country, there is a huge complexity of ecossystems and a large diversity of cultures that contribute to the shaping of the nation.

Maringa is a community that represents the new Brazil. With only 65 year of existance, the city hás over 370,000 inhabitants and hás public infrastructure that is far beyond the country’s average, compared with the standards of european municipalities.

We consider this a tremendous responsability, as we can and must spend resources in innovation and searching for solutions to urban problems that other places Will have to handle years ahead.

Through a strong partnership between public and private sectors, Maringa is affiliated to the Global Compact and hás established a commitment to shape its future within the concepts of transversal sustainability proposed by the UN Conference and therefore is serving as a reference for other cities in Brazil.

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